what's the secret


Joseph Klibansky the NEW Picasso?! | MR. PROBZ reveals his secret to success!

Gary Vaynerchuk & Wesley Sneijder   Mr. Probz & Joseph Klibansky  Yossi Eliyahoo & Rodney Mcleod

The Road to Success

Interviews with top entrepreneurs, athletes and artists about the “road to success” Gary Vaynerchuk, Wesley Sneijder, Joseph Klibansky, Mr. Probz, Rodney McLeod and Yossi Eliyahoo.
These are not just your basic interviews, but relaxed conversations in luxury cars on a variety of interesting locations. The main goal is to find out about life as an entrepreneur, what ‘success’ means and how to keep balance in life.



what's the secret


His work has touched the lives of start-up, scale ups and top global A brands: Wannahaves, Nike, Adidas, Puma and many more.

As Managing Director and partner of Wannahaves, Danny is responsible to rebuild the company from scratch.
In the late nineties, Wannahaves was a television program that focused on internet, commerce and lifestyle. It was a hip program, “On the high days, the site even had 1.2 million unique visitors.” Of the 20 men from then there were only two left. Danny is responsible Wannahaves as a partner from scratch. The vision, mission & strategy are determined. In the meantime, great deals have been made by Danny and his team with Nike, Adidas, Puma Samsung, Sony, Red Bull and many other major brands.

Danny is as well the owner of InStrategy Consulting who has extensive experience in building up start-ups and scale-ups and has a proven track record in building business & brands. Danny has build several successful companies from scratch.

InStrategy Consulting assist start-, scale-ups and enterprises in the execution of their sales, business development and online marketing activities globally. InStrategy manage your business global, virtually creating your own office or acting as your agent / partner in the aforementioned areas.
InStrategy Consulting builds partnerships with global A brands like: Nike, Adidas, Puma, Mercedes, Vodafone, Samsung, Sony and many more.
Danny is the founder of DC Venture Capital Partners, an independent private equity firm, based in the Netherlands. DCVCP offers a focused, customised approach in order to increase and accelerate business growth.


The Road to Success
Currently Danny is also the host of the new serie “The Road to Success”. A serie with top entrepreneurs, athletes and artists around the globe.